Bay View Wheel Park Project

The Bay View Neighborhood Association has commenced a capital campaign to improve a public space (MPS Sijan Field | Kinnickinnic Avenue) and build Milwaukee's first Wheel Park – designed for skateboards, BMX bikes, scooters and skates. The project includes improving existing infrastructure with a new lighted soccer field, improved basketball courts and modern playground, all ADA-compliant. Learn more about the Bay View Wheel Park Project.

Park(ing) Day

Reclaiming public areas to raise awareness of the need for pedestrian spaces. Learn more.

Southside SOUP: Microfunding Dinner

Fund your community project with support from your neighbors. Learn more.

KK Hanging Flower Baskets

Enhance our community through helping fund these beautiful summer baskets. Learn more.


Other Bay View and Milwaukee-area projects

Makesgiving! at Milwaukee Makerspace

Learn more.

Bay View Bash

Learn more.

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