Bay View Wheel Park Project

BVNA leads a capital campaign to build Milwaukee's first wheel park. Learn more.

Humboldt Park School

Redeveloping a greener, healthier schoolyard. Learn more.

Southside SOUP: Microfunding Dinner

Fund your community project with support from your neighbors. Learn more.

KK Hanging Flower Baskets

Enhance our community through helping fund these beautiful summer baskets. Learn more.

Zillman Park Redevelopment 

Along with City of Milwaukee, the BVNA is hoping to redevelop and reimagine this area as a multi-functional and intergenerational public space. Learn more.


What is the Bay View Neighborhood Plan?

An introduction the project at the City of Milwaukee DCD Website. Learn More. 

How Can I Stay Informed? 

Check out the Neighborhood Plan website for upcoming community events. Learn More. 

Other Bay View and Milwaukee-area projects

Dredged Material Management Facility
Learn more.

Shared Harvest - Donate Your Excess Garden Produce!
Learn more.

Grow Solar Greater Milwaukee

Attend an info session now! Learn More!

South Shore Park Playground 
Learn more.

Bay View Bash

Learn more.

Light the Hoan

Learn more.

Bay View Montessori Schoolyard Redevelopment Plan 

Learn more.

Clement's Schoolyard Redevelopment

Learn more.

100 for Humboldt

Learn more.

Riley Montessori Schoolyard Redevelopment Plan  Learn more.

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