Become a member! People often ask us why they should support the Bay View Neighborhood Association by becoming a member. BVNA activities are funded through membership dues, sponsorship, grants, and donations. BVNA membership dues cover an annual time frame and invoiced on your anniversary date of becoming a member. Your dues payment supports our mission and entitles you to a variety of benefits. Membership is tax-deductible. Benefits include:

  • Supporting the efforts of the Bay View Neighborhood Association  
  • Voting rights (except Associate Members).
  • Invitations to member-only social gatherings.
  • Newletters and Updates on events and activities that impact the neighborhood


How Dues are Spent

Money raised in Bay View is spent in Bay View. By becoming a member you are helping to make our neighborhood a great place to live, both now, and well into the future. It is also in the interest of our members, and the community as a whole, that the BVNA uses some portion of its resources to promote and support the efforts of other Bay View based non-profits. We want the money raised through membership to have the broadest possible long term impact while keeping our expenditures both prudent and local.

The BVNA has allocated funds for scholarships, one-time projectspark improvements, and services for homeless veterans. Other past projects include the construction of rain gardensnew benches around Bay View, and improvements to the pavilion at Humboldt Park. Members help decide which projects to fund and when, so make your voice heard and join our team!

Recent accomplishments:

  • Continued fund-raising on the Bay View Skate Spot Initiative
  • New decking and sub-structure for the dock at the Humboldt lagoon
  • Rebuilt bleachers at the Humboldt baseball diamond
  • Rebuilt horse shoe pits (these are the only remaining horse shoe pits in our park system)
  • Painting of the Humboldt Park band shell exterior
  • Band shell roof repairs
  • Reduction of cattails on the lagoon
  • Landscaping at the Beulah Brinton Community Center
  • New flower and shrub beds at Humboldt Park
  • Grants to Bay View grade schools
  • Matching grant to South Shore bluff-restoration project
  • Painting of the pavilion skate room
  • Recycling stations at Chill on the Hill
  • Chill on the Hill sound upgrade
  • Construction and donation of bat houses to Hide House, the Urban Ecology Center, and the Sisters of St. Francis Landscape restoration and Urban Garden project
  • Flower basket street-scaping project along KK Avenue

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