Public Safety

Useful Phone Numbers and Websites:

Graffiti Hotline.........286-8715

TABS - Truant Students: Office: 385-3100 Mobile Unit:559-2669

Police Non-emergency....933-4444

Fire, non-emergency......286-8999

Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault.....286-2997

Community Liason Officer...935-7268

Dept. of Neighborhood Services...286-3441

Link to the Dist 6 Milwaukee Police Dept

Link to the "Dispatched Calls For Service"

Public Works............286-2489 Includes: Damaged or Broken Traffic Signs and Signals, Street or Alley Lighting Outages, Icy Streets, Missed Garbage Collection or Special Pick-Up

Holes in Street or Alley......286-3431

Abandoned Cars.......286-8350

Parking....286-8350   Overnight......286-8300

Crime Prevention & Block Watch...935-7505

Public Health.......289-6816

Digger's Hotline........800-242-8511

Housing Code Violations.......286-2268

Property Inspections.......286-3441

Vacant Buildings (open, vandalized)......286-5759

A wealth of information, Bay View statistics, lists of local governments services and Ordinances can be found at: and

Click on: Departments

Complaints about code violations and nuisance properties should be directed to the Department of Neighborhood Services and are confidential.

What is the Nuisance Ordinance?

The Nuisance Ordinance was enacted 2000 by the Common Council and enables the Milwaukee Police department to impose service fees on landlords who themselves, or their tenants, put an excessive burden on the resources of our police department and our tax payers.

It states that when the police department observes 3 or more validated nuisance calls in one month for any property, the police can notify the owner and request a plan to halt the activity at their property. If the property owner does not respond or follow through, all costs for nuisance calls will be placed on the property owner's tax bill.

Nuisance activities include, but are not limited to:

-Loud music


-Drug activity

-Disorderly Conduct

-Battery and domestic violence



-Barking or aggressive dogs

-Discharging a firearm

-Overgrown, unmowed yards

-Unshovelled sidewalks

-Building code violations, neglect, and disrepair


Neighborhood Security:

 Bay View has become a much busier place in recent years. While this brings many good things, it also brings the potential for increased crime.You can help keep Bay View the safest neighborhood in the city by reporting the following activities and conditions whenever, and wherever, they occur:

- Someone looking into the windows of houses or parked cars

- Property being taken out of houses where no one is at home or from businesses that are closed

-Broken or open windows

-Vehicles parked by a business with the motor running

- Cars , trucks or vans moving slowly with no apparent destination or without lights

-Anyone removing accessories, license plates or fuel from a parked car

 -Anyone being forced into a vehicle

 -A stranger sitting in a car or stopping their vehicle to talk to a child

-Persons changing vehicles in apparent haste

-Loitering near playgrounds, parks or schools



-People displaying weapons

-The sound of breaking glass or any loud explosive noises

-Persons offering merchandize at rediculously low prices

-Graffiti and vandalism

One of the best ways to insure a safe and thriving community is by getting to know your neighbors.

Here is a link to reputable home security companies:

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