With the continued risk of the spread of COVID-19, the BVNA does not feel comfortable acting as a central organizer for a community-wide rummage sale this spring. We look to avoid having our all-volunteer group set safety expectations for how buyers interact with neighbors who are hoping to host rummage sales, nor can we expect everyone to follow current state and city safety guidelines. We realize neighbors might still host and promote their own sales. The BVNA is going to wait until the risk of transmission has decreased and we have more guidance on how to support the safety and health of the community involved in our events.

We are still considering a fall date, should it seem safer to encourage our neighbors to mingle and interact in this way. Active members will receive email communication when a decision is made.

Every spring on the third Saturday in May, Bay View Neighborhood Association members clean out their basements and attics, preparing to re-home hundreds of items. Bargain hunters can find furniture, clothing, art, art supplies, sporting goods, memorabilia, collectibles, tools, antiques, sidewalk sales.

BVNA MEMBER EXCLUSIVE | List your address on our interactive map to advertise your sale to neighbors.

Map of participating addresses available by Monday before the rummage sale!

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