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  • 18 Mar 2024
  • 27 Aug 2024
  • Humboldt Park Band Chalet



You are a huge Chill on the Hill fan!  You come every week and enjoy the live music from local and original bands, you enjoy the food and beverages, and you sit back and relax in a gorgeous setting with your Chill gang while enjoying this free event.  You look around and see people smiling, kids running around, and everyone is happy.  If you are like many others, you've been coming for years. At least 5 years? Over a decade?  Maybe since the very beginning?  

You know that the work all of our volunteers put into making this an award winning concert series, and while it's free to the guests, you know that it costs a pretty penny to make it all happen.  The bands are paid, the sound people are paid, and facilities all cost money.  

You are ready to support Chill on the Hill financially.  You are ready to be an "OFFICIAL CHILLER."  

For every $100 you contribute, you will get to pick an item from our merch selection and one free beverage.  Once you hit $200, you'll get a your yard sign to dispaly proudly at the Hill.  We'll even hold onto it for you! Get to $300, we'll give you a parking pass and a backstage tour and say your name that night from stage.   At $400, you'll get an invite to the sponsor party. $500?  We'll save your spot on the Hill and put your name up in lights.  $1000 gets you a guest MC appearance on stage and you can have as much fun as we do! 

We need your support.  We'd love it.  Be like Dick Buschmann and be an OFFICIAL CHILLER! 

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