The BVNA operates within a series of committees, each of which holds a chairperson and a group of volunteers.  Take a look at what each committee is responsible for as we work hard to make Bay View an even better place.  We encourage you to volunteer on one or more committees.  Feel free to contact us for more information about how you can participate and get involved.


Communications members help advertise BVNA events and projects and encourage community participation and support.  They may be called on to interact with media outlets and publications (The Bay View Compass, Shepherd Express, WMSE, etc.), resident groups, other partnering community organizations, churches, and supporting businesses in promoting BVNA activities.

Opportunities include:

  • editing website content
  • writing press releases
  • posting tweets on
  • assist in promotions, announcements, marketing
  • designing ads, posters, etc.
  • updating Facebook content
  • photographing events and uploading to our Flickr site

Communications Committee Chair: 

Leslie Mason  


Members of this committee researches and presents information about environmental issues that are of concern and interest to our residents, such as transit, traffic, freeways, bicycle access, rivers, parking, bus lines, traffic lights, cross walks, recycling, and sustainability.

Opportunities include:

  • Monthly meeting to discuss goals, strategies and proposed budget for environmental- and transportation-related projects
  • Annual resident survey of parking and transportation issues in Bay View business corridor and residential areas
  • Organizing Kinnickinnic River Clean-ups and Beach Clean-ups

Environmental & Transportation Committee Chair: 

Chad Thomack


Led by the Public Spaces Chair, the committee members will research landscaping, ecological, cultural, historical, art, and recreational resources and development, including, but not limited to parks and lots, boulevards, road-sides, sidewalks, and the river and lakefronts. The goal is neighborhood improvement and beautification to enhance the physical environment for Bay View residents to enjoy.  We recently began building better relationships with our Milwaukee Public Schools in 53207 and will continue to collaborate and improve our neighborhood through civic projects.

Opportunities include:

  • Meet a minimum of bi-monthly to discuss current and future beautification projects
  • Organize and participate in community-wide clean-ups
  • Volunteer for Annual Plant Sale
  • Assist in starting a clean-up in your closest park
  • Be a liaison to a park watch or park friends group
  • Assist with the current improvement project

The Skate Spot Initiative

Public Spaces Chair:

Nichole Williams ( President)


The At Large Board members can assist in other committees' activities, or seek to actively involve their own neighborhoods in the association.

Current At Large Members:  Jodee Benavides, Kate Fowdy (Past President), Luella Dooley-Menet (Secretary), Christa Marlowe (Vice President)



This committee creates a welcoming environment to the BVNA, and brings value to membership.

Opportunities include:

  • Host quarterly meetings to review expansion goals and strategies of the committee, including membership drives at community events
  • Forsee membership renewal notifications, process related inquiries and reconcile quarterly reports with the treasurer
  • Maintain the BVNA Business Member Directory and the Discount Card Participants web pages 
  • Manage the BVNA Discount Card Program including expansion, ordering cards prior to Chill and processing the annual mailer 
  • Develop business relationships with both members and non-members

Membership Committee Chair: Sammi Dittloff


Members of the public safety committee will facilitate and support neighborhood efforts to eliminate crime and drugs, create neighborhood cleanliness, property maintenance, neighborly harmony and goodwill, and care and pride in homes. Discuss resources, ideas and opportunities that make our neighborhood a great place to live.

Opportunities include:

- Organize Neighborhood Block Watches, encourage creation of new Block Watches.
- Act as liaison to Milwaukee Police Department District Six
- Attend crime analysis meetings and communicate crime trends to Bay View businesses and residents
- Organize a National Night Out event for 2015.

Disc 6 Meetings are held at St. Luke's Hospital (2900 W. Oklahoma Ave in the Auditorium) on the last Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm.  Free valet parking is available.

For more information contact the Community Liaison Officers Carlos Felix or Cheryl Wolf at (414) 935-7198

Public Safety Committee Chair:

John Osorio


District Chairs often are the representatives of their districts and act as a liaison between their district and the BVNA. 

Current District Chairs:

District 1:  

District 2: Tim McCormick

District 3:  Brian Gregor

District 4: Nicole Rouleau

District 5:  Christopher Miller



Attn:  Bay View Neighborhood Association

PO Box 070184, Milwaukee, WI  53207

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