Bay View Neighborhood Association

Elderly Safety and Care

A strong community needs the input of its eldery; a sophisticated community takes care of its eldery; a loving community respects the eldery.  We need to respect our eldery for they are the ones who carved out who we are and where we are today. Make sure our loved ones are safe! 

Milwaukee Police Department Destrict 6 SCAM ALERT!

If you encounter any suspicion of this scam, DIAL 911 IMMEDIATELY!

What is being done:

Suspects talk their way into entering victims' homes by stating they're there to:

  • inspect the roof or chimney,
  • inspect utilities, or
  • claim to sell services.

Avoid this scam by:

  • keeping your screen or storm doors locked.
  • asking for IDs.
  • contacting the company or authority.

Description of suspects:

  • White/Hispanis males
  • Hispanic or European accent
  • Ages 30-45
  • 5'7" - 5'9"
  • Medium- to stocky-built

Previous areas targeted are:

  • 4600 block W. Tripoli
  • 2300 block S. Williams Ave.
  • 8900 block W. Holt St.
  • 2400 block S. Herman St.
  • 7400 block W. Howard Ave.

Vehicles involved:

  • Pick-up trucks, SUVs and minivans have been used
  • Dodge or Chevy; later model








"The suspects attempt to talk their way into the house by claiming they are there to inspect the roof, chimney, and utilities or to perform some type of yard service, such as tree trimming.  If the victim lets them into the house, one suspect will distract the victim usually by asking for them to fill a bucket of water for them as a second suspect searches the house for valuables.  If the victim does not let them in, once the door is opened they will push their way past the victim and then one suspect will watch the victim as the other suspect searches the house.  Money and jewelry are the targets in these crimes.  The suspects are white or Hispanic males with Hispanic or European accent between the ages of 30-45 approximately 5’07 to 5’09 tall with medium to stocky build.  They are driving Pickup trucks, SUVs and Minivans.  The vehicles are usually very clean and they park the vehicles on the street.


To avoid being a victim of these scams, we ask that you keep your screen/storm doors locked.  Ask anyone that comes to your house claiming to provide a service to show you his or her ID card or proof of work order.  Ask for a contact number of the business and then call that number to make sure they are suppose to be there.  When asking for this information keep the screen/storm door locked.  If the suspect states that they can’t hear you through the door, call 911 and the police will investigate and make sure they are with the respective company they claim to be with."


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