Bay View Neighborhood Association

Beach Clean-ups

Join the Bay View Neighborhood Association as we clean our adopted beach. Dates are TBD for 2018.

We will supply the garbage bags and gloves, all you have to do is show up and be ready to pick up some trash. This is agreat opportunity to meet your neighbors and enjoy the beauty of Lake Michigan!

The stairway to the beach is located on Lake Drive just south of Oklahoma Avenue. Look for the brown Bay View Park sign and one of the Bay View Neighborhood Association volunteers will be posted nearby to set you up.

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When you find this sign, look towards the lake for a stairway that will lead you down to the beach. This is where the cleanup will be located. Bay View Beach

Did you know that our Humboldt Park personnel (2 full-time and 3 seasonal workers) are also responsible for South Shore, Greene, Tippecanoe, Saveland, Cupertino, Bay View, and Morgan parks? They also service the Bike Trail from Cupertino to St. Francis, and the Mitchell Airport green space at Logan and Whitnall. That's a lot of space to cover! 

That's why it's so vitally important that us, residents and users of Bay View Park, do our part to keep it clean, safe, and beautiful for all!

For more information, contact or look for the facebook event on the BVNA Facebook group!

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