Bay View Neighborhood Association

What does the Bay View Neighborhood Association do?

From beach clean-ups to Chill on the Hill, we sponsor many events in Bay View.  But we do much more than sponsor events.  We also:

  • In 2014 The BVNA hosted the 1st annual Children's Art Competition at the Bay View Library during Bay View Gallery Night.  We have 5 participating schools and some amazing art representing Bay View.
  • We gather neighbors host public forums for capital projects and candidate forums.
  • The BVNA is committed to strengthen our local public schools and offer an educational grant to our elementary and high schools to assist in programming and materials.
  • The BVNA can assist to Represent a voice for our common
    Bay View interests by acting as liaison with governmental bodies and civic institutions.
  • The BVNA helps to improve and maintain institutions and facilities serving our neighborhood, including parks, schools, public transit, and public safety services.
  • We facilitate participation in issues affecting our neighborhood, including land use, development,
    zoning changes, traffic patterns and street modifications.
  • The BVNA is a resource for Bay View property owners, business members and neighbors to help improve their living and working environments.
  • We Strive promote the welfare and safety of our awesome community.
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