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Urban Anthropology

The BVNA is proud to partner with Urban Anthropology.  We welcome their support and services within Bay View!  Among these projects are:

  • linking solid renters to decent available spaces
  • developing grants to enhance business facades
  • surveying door-to-door about issues our neighborhood faces
  • encouraging interest in our neighborhood's historical significance


During the late 1990s a group of cultural anthropologists in Milwaukee, Wisconsin began meeting to discuss ways that they might make contributions to Milwaukee, using skills acquired through the study and practice of anthropology. These skills include cultural research, museum curation, cultural land-use, neighborhood oral histories, teaching, film-making, and other art forms. Other community activists, interested in the creative work done by anthropologists, began to join the group.

Urban Anthropology Inc. gradually developed out of these meetings, and incorporated in 1999. The organization achieved tax exempt status late during that year. Since 1999 over 200 members have joined the organization and have helped develop a series of programs of national and Wisconsin interest. In 2004, UrbAn moved its permanent office to the Park Neighborhoods (Milwaukee's Lincoln Village and Baran Park), and since that time, has become the major resident organization in that area, sponsoring a host of resources and programs. Our location since 2006 has been The Old South Side Settlement Museum at 707 W. Lincoln Avenue.

Urban Anthropology Inc. (UrbAn) has implemented a program called the OASIS project (Operation Artists, Scholars and innovators). UrbAn is working with a cadre of artistic and humanities organizations and residents and investors to the Lincoln Village/Baran Parkneighborhoods on Milwaukee's south side to draw poets, visual artists, LGBT families, performers, humanities scholars, and entrepreneurs to these two neighborhoods.

For more information on these wonderful projects, visit

Urban Anthropology Inc. • 707 W. Lincoln Ave. • Milwaukee, WI 53215 • Phone (414) 271-9417 • Fax (414) 271-9417

Urban Anthropology Museum

Rick and Jill, the positive driving force of Urban Anthropology



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